If These Wings Could Fly

A poem inspired by:
~ Another poem my friend wrote from the point of view from a fallen angel
~ "When you lie in bed at night and you think you're alone, the angels in heaven are fighting to see who gets to watch over you while you sleep."
~ 'Wings' by Birdy.

Basically about angels and hope and light.

They say that when you lie in bed at night,
tossing and turning in sleep with fright,
the angels are up there fighting in heaven
to see who shall watch over you before light.

I like that idea; that the angels really care,
that even when dreams leave me scared,
there is still a Light keeping eye from afar
to ensure I remember that life can be fair.

And when it gets too hard and I can't sleep,
and I want to clutch my sheets and weep,
 - I try to imagine what they look like.
(It does help more than counting sheep.)

Maybe their skin is translucent and pale,
and you can see the flutter of inhale, exhale
 - or maybe their eyes are a golden glow
Like a morning sun before you set sail.

I imagine their wings to be big and bold;
So warm to touch and so soft to hold,
But lithe with muscles tense to protect...
And streaming light like they're washed in gold.

I picture their arms enfolding my bed,
and I feel a warm kiss brushing my head,
and it's alright, if just for that moment - 
it's alright to not be heard and not be said.

And I sleep well that night, and it's okay;
if tommorow's bad, we'll try again today.
The day is dark, though sun shines through
But night comes and Light watches, so I'll just pray.

The End

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