if the military was a medicinal cure

i think i was always doomed.

not to sound depressing (nope, not going to remark on that),
but i can't help but feel 
that every thing is pitted against me.

i just...

the human affliction is a welcome thing
when the hours carved into these hands
shows the counting of the footsteps
to the dark pit of depression
that's filled with a blackbird's cry for help

answered by no-one

this little wonder
is not enough for a cat on the run
i have scars, i have scars

i want to join the military
because there's got to be something
to keep me from eating a gun

or putting a shot of bleach down my throat

the only problem 
is that i might be a lesbian
and i've never been the most athletic.

let's not mention
that i want to get tattoos 
as soon as it's legal.

but hell, i'm not the best poet around,
i can't play violin or anything else,

and the only thing i've really got going for me
is the fact that i have the best poker face
you could ever want,

the fact that i will throw everything away
if it's for a cause i deem great enough,

and maybe the army 
could drum 
whatever the hell this is 

out of my goddamn head

The End

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