If Only

If I met you in a garden
I’d think you were a flower
if good looks were in seconds
you’d be every hour

If the sun began to flicker
its light suddenly going out
your smile would warm my world
in that there is no doubt

If we were separated
by mountains or by sea
I would never sadden
`cause your love's with me

If you kissed me on the cheek
I'd surely melt away
and if you held my hand
I’d never go astray

If you sang for me a song
I’d write you a poem
open up your pretty arms
if your feeling all alone

If you said you loved me
I’d do anything for you
every day I would cherish
you're my dream come true

If this world was perfect
I wouldn't need to wish
you'd be happily at my side
but that is only 'if'

You see, none of this is real
it was never meant to be
I'll keep on loving you
If only you'd love me

The End

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