If I were hand-cuffed to my brother

"OW!  Move over! Your elbow's in my FACE!"

"YOU move over! You're in my way and my personal space!"

"All I want is to sit here and watch some good T.V!"

"That's too bad; I have the remote and that show is not for me."

"Why are you so mean to me?! You vile little freak!"

"Hey! I'm not watching a rerun of that stupid Dawson's Creek!"

"Fine then," she crosses her arms. "What else do you propose?"

"Hmm...you wouldn't be up for some skateboarding, I suppose?"





"You see...I have to pee."

"Absolutely NOT!"

"When do you think mother will finally take these off?"

"Dunno; maybe when she's over the fact that we shaved the dog."


The End

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