If I had just one more marble...

I should not have looked at Winona Sue

the prettiest girl in grade four

but if you know her, then you would too

So, Johnny Kerpucket, he scored


I wasn't looking at the dirt covered lot

my favourite girl was around

So I didn't see Johnny Kerpucket's shot

roll along the ground


Johnny Kerpucket has the neatest toys

and wears the coolest clothes

Winona says he's her favourite of boys

when I heard him snicker, I froze!


He laughed as his marble rolled into the hole

then he said, "I guess that's how it goes"

"You cheated!", I yelled, "you slippery mole"

and punched him right square in the nose


Into Principal Mavis' Study

Ms. Marshall dragged  my left ear

She said, "Principal, Johnny Kerpucket is bloody"

"and that's why this vile lad's here"


"Principal Mavis, ", I started to stutter

"I was fighting for my llife!"

 "and to top it all off", a worse lie did I mutter,

"I saw Johnny, he was kissing your wife!"


"Johnny Kerpucket is the smartest of lads"

said the principal without a smile

"Quite frankly, quite likely, he's the best student we've had,

You're going to be here a while"


And so, into detention by the big man, I'm tossed

but, if that alone wasn't enough

what stinks, what STINKS, about this whole stinkin day

is that,to Johnny, my marbles were lost

The End

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