If I were an angry clown

The telephone, I hear it ring

A ring-ding-ding-ding

"Halloooo, Halooo, it's Boffles"

to the other end I sing

Bla Bla Bla Birthday Party,

for some fat pimply faced lame lardy

I guess I'm off to entertain

an insolent jerk named Marty


"Hey there", I jump up and down with a bound

"Who's the silliest clown in town?

I think I'd rather choke these kids

but instead pass baloons around


Oh now, who wants some birthday gum?

(as I'm leering at some kid's mom)

Since Marty's looking up her dress

I should slap her in the  bum


A root toot toot, oh what a hoot,

Look at the clown in his birthday suit!

I've had too much rum and I'm covered in puke

Boffles, once again, is getting the boot!

The End

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