If I were a Disney Princess

Oh, if I were a Disney Princess

I'd wear a flowing, frilly dress

I'd have a pair a sparkly shoes

And sweetly innocent baby-blues


In a forest glade I'd dance

While round me animals would prance

They'd help me do my household chores

Wiping, dusting, scrubbing floors


I'd lipsynch most wonderfully

To a haunting melody

All about a handsome prince

While I did that final rinse


Then a witch would come along

Driven crazy by my song

With a cackle and a glower

Drag me off to her high tower


Then my prince would happen by

A handsome stud with a roving eye

He's soon finish off that witch

Leave her in a muddy ditch


Just in time for the royal wedding

And after that comes the bedding

But he might just get a shock

When he came to lift my frock

















The End

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