If I could pontificate

If I could pontificate...

Well, I already do.

I'm such a knowall,and a pedant and a... pain.

I always have to have the last word on everything

And I always have to be right - even when I'm not.

Though, to be honest, I'm very rarely wrong.

I don't really know how my friends put up with me, really.

But actually I'm not that bad.

Some people who pontificate

Do so with very little thought.

I consider very carefully, always

And only offer my opinion when I've

Researched the subject well

And looked at all sides of the story

And put myself in everybody's shoes.

And when I'm absolutely

One hundred percent sure

That I'm right...

So in my own defence I'd say

That when I DO pontificate

Maybe I have a point?

The End

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