If I could lie

Why oh why, can I not tell a lie

To ad lib, to be glib, to only tell one fib

Why oh why can I not tell a lie

In grade school once, to settle a dare

I put thumbtacks on Mr. Woodrow's chair

Before the headmaster could count to three

I raised my hand to cry, "It was me!"

What repels me from deciet?

And draws me in to welcome heat?

A lass I did court once asked me flat,

if in these pants did she look fat?

I told her in no uncertain means

that obesity was not caused by jeans

For what cause must I tell the truth?

No doubt I always seem aloof!

A form arrived in the mail today

to tally and score the tax  I should pay

I think I'll respond in my usual way,

"I'm a permanent resident in Uruguay"

The End

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