If I could tread the boards darling

If I could tread the boards dahling. My luvvie. 

I would want to act in every scene with you.

Our two names would be feted the world over

And the audience would sigh and aah and coo.

Like Burton and Liz Taylor, we'd be followed,

By every hack and paparazzo trailed

Our rows would fill the gossip col'mnists' in-trays

With talk that our relationship just failed.

But we, my dahling fellow-luvvie lover

Would know that we were playing with the Press

And on the stage of our own lives we'd snigger

As we read the flow'ry tales of our ''distress''.

You'd be Rhett Butler to my fiery Scarlett

The Romeo to my fair Juliet

And I would be your angel, love or harlot

And we would need no stage, or lot, or set.

We'd be the greatest actors in all hist'ry

Our story told until the end of time

And we'll both know the answer to the myst'ry

Was how our story told of love sublime

For we were never acting with each other

No lines were ever needed 'twixt us two

We'd just lock eyes and gaze at one another

Until the curtain falls - and say - adieu.


The End

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