If I could sing

If I could sing I'd yodel from every mountain top

Even when begged on bended knees to stop

My voice would carry throughout the land

For noise pollution I'd be banned

People would slam their windows and their doors

Work hard to soundproof their floors

My voice would crumble buildings and shatter glass

How else can I end this sorry farce?

The UN would plead with me in vain

I'd open my mouth; do it again

They'd retreat to drop bombs on my head

But by a fluke I would not be dead

Perhaps my voice so loud and clear

Disrupted the airwaves made those bombs veer

Off to land on some other poor sap

Who might have been taking a nap

He wouldn't hear them coming see,

Wearing earplugs because of me!

And now I'll end this pathetic song

As you've been wanting all along

But I'd like to point out before I go

All my rhymes came from my head you know



The End

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