If I Could Read Minds

If I could read minds, I'd have life as a book,

There'd be stories to be found behind everyone's look.

I would listen for mysteries in the faces I've seen,

I would travel the journeys where others have been.


If I could read minds, their thoughts would reveal,

The meanings and reasons for the emotions they feel.

The mysteries that so many folks still hold within,

Like the why of their virtue and the why of their sin.


If I could read minds, I could finally believe,

That my fear of my difference, could be finally relieved.

I could see that my thoughts are not solely my own,

But arise from a oneness that everyone's known.


If I could read minds, I'd know what to say,

To help us together to find our own way.

But alas I cannot, your mind is not mine,

So we hint and infer, we gesture and sign.


And we wish that we could read each other's mind,

To see if we're creatures of similar kind.







The End

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