If I Could Be President For The Day

If I were President for a Day,

Of the big and grand old USA,

I'd have a summit in Ottawa,

And unite my land with Canada.


I'd fly to England to negotiate,

A way to make it one more state.

I'd move Washington to London town,

And dress in the Queen's royal gown.


I'd take a boat to Paris, France,

And see if they'd join me in a dance.

We'd turn the Lourve over to Disneyland,

And  make Mona Lisa, a famous brand.


I'd take the rail to Germany,

To explore the true feasibility.

Of making their Oktoberfest,

A tradition of our old Wild West.


I'd go further on to old Moscow,

And see if we could merge somehow,

So we could trade with them our GM cars,

For their sables and their caviars.


I'd see Japan along the way,

To make arrangements for the day,

That there would be no more east or west,

Just the USA and all the rest.


If were President for a Day,

I fear the world would say, "Go away!"

For we are nations of great worth,

Let's live at peace on this great Earth.











The End

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