With every step I cry,

It takes me farther from you,

Farther from safe,

Farther from home.

With every breath I choke,

It's a pain inside my chest,

A breath to say good-bye,

One long breath to cry

I loved you for a long time

But a long time wasn't enough,

Through the fun and the happy,

Through the cold and the tough,

I loved you, Loved.

With every tear I'm stronger,

Because every tear contains you,

And as you leave I don't hunger,

As the tear falls I walk farther

My feet move, my heart beats,

And for once it's not for you,

But why do you still run circles

in my mind?

With every step I cry,

but with every tear I'm stronger

And with every breath I choke,

Why can't you just accept I loved you,


The End

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