The Moon

When the Moon rises in the sky,

leaving behind the place it came from, does that place feel sad?

Does it take revenge?

Does it harm itself?

Wouldn't the Moon be worried about that place?

Or does it trust the sun and the clouds to look over it?

Will the place get over it?

And now, the Moon explores new places, gets to see new things,

Is that place happy for it?

Does the place still want the Moon to come back?

But then again, the tricky thing is,

How does the Moon tell the place that it needs to go?

That it needs to explore new places?

Does it practice a speech?

Write a poem?

Maybe join together with the stars and create a new constellation?

How does the moon find the courage to seperate from that place?

How does it know if it's doing the right thing?

How does it leave and keep that place wanting it back, as a friend, as a protector?

How does the Moon decide when to leave?

And how does the Moon, move on?

The End

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