God Forbid

If I were to write a song,

Say a song about puppies,

Would you buy a puppy?

And If I wrote a story,

Say about Vampires

(Everyone seems to like Vampires)

Would you want to be one?

And what if I said a speech,

A speech about shoes,

Would you want to buy them?

Then why, please tell me,

When someone writes a song,

A song about the world ending,

Is nothing done to stop it?

And when someone writes a book,

About how we can help each other,

Does no one even try?

And please inform me as to why,

When someone says a speech about equality,

Does Society make it even less equal!?

But don't let me deter you,

From your evil ways,

I mean really,

God forbid you had to say "Sorry," recycle a frikkin plastic bottle or help someone.

God Forbid.

The End

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