If I were to meet my soulmate

Written pretty quickly in one of my poet's bliss moods!

If I were to meet my soulmate in a story book kind of way, I'd make sure he realized how intensely our stars collided. With fiery burning passion morphed into a supernova. I could then justify, "you're my one in a billion baby, and I love you to the seventh universe and back."

I'd live for those moments when the silence between us is composed of mutual quiet intellectual inwards reflection. I'd pick him wild flowers from the sides of 'down to earth' looking roads and place thme in his hands and curl his fingers tightly around my small gift. And it would mean the world to him. 

He'd automatically know when I've had a bad day by the look in my eyes and he'd feel the undying need to cure the haze in these eyes with a cup of Earl Grey tea, served in my one and only vintage tea cup. He would run a candle lit bath with passionately strewn white rose petals, playing vessels of gentle drops of warm glowing water.

He'd build us matching wooden swings with our initials carved into the wooden planks, delicately surrounded by a roughly etched heart and he'd hang the swings from the big oak tree. We would watch the sun melt into the landscape, leaving a dusty golden pink dusk sky. We would be eternally satisfied, the three of us, our souls mingling in blissful happiness. The tree, my soulmate and I. 

The End

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