If I were P.B and J sandwitch

If I were a P.B.& J. sandwich,

From milk, I'd run away,

For whenever milk's around,

I am soon munched all away.


So I hide beneath the messy bed,

Or behind the Lazy-Boys.

I sometimes hide in a desk at school,

Or among a box of toys.


Sometimes I'm made of chunky,

At times I'm smooth and creamy,

But either way my PB side,

Is always really dreamy.


The other side, my jelly side,

Has more variety,

Grape and peach and marmalade,

or ooh, some boysenberry.


Oh, my word, I almost forgot,

The most necessary part,

A slice of bread and then one more,

Before you even start.


The key to making a PBJ,

That tastes like heaven above

Is to spread it all quite evenly,

With patient, caring love.






The End

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