If I Were

I made it for my girlfriend...

If I were a bike, you'd be my wheels; getting me where I need to go. If I were the world you'd be my sun; bringing warmth and meaning to my life. If I were a dog you'd be my human; the order and reason for my existence.

Cause Darling when I'm happy you're the reason. When I'm sad you're my shoulder to cry on and the arm giving me support. And Honey when I'm lonely I know where to turn. When I'm excited you're the one with whom I'll share it. 

If I were a plant you'd be my ground; providing nourishment and support. If I were a vine you would be the pole to which  I cling. If I were a child you would be my dream; my motivation to keep pushing forward. Now I am a guy and you are my girl; the love of my life. My everything. I love you. 

The End

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