If I Was Your Vampire

The dusk is peeking over the horizon

This sour cold breeze sweeps across us like a broom

I hear you heart pounding in my head

The rush of your warm blood through your body, tickles my skin

This adrenaline to be near you is certain as the descending moon

To keep this galloping joy in my dead soul:

I’ll be there to catch you before you fall

I would never let you feel the pain I had faced

I won’t let you forfeit a moment because you said you didn’t have time

To give you all the time you could ever want I would grant

If you need encouragement I’ll say this inspiration:

“If you think you’re alive, you’re better off dead”

You’ll never have to sleep, since it’s for the weak

We will never rest since we’ll be dead but happy

The last things your eyes will ever see are these blood-stained sheets

I have loved and I have lost, but soon won with the slice of a throat

This time right now I refuse to loose

If you wish to not be this creature anymore,

We have until the morning sun

And our ashes will be all that remains

Seduce is the passion that leads into death

But it is something my vampyric desire stands for you

It’s a thrill when the love we have is so dangerous

It’s such glory to have you beside me

For a soulless spirit to fall in love with you is the best description

With you holding my hand I can do something I thought I never be able

I can confidently walk against the rain storm

The End

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