If I told you.

If i told you I loved you,

Would you say it back?

Would you tell me that I am yours

To love and hold forever?

Or would you perhaps tell me I lack

In the things you adore?


If I told you I hated you,

Would you say it too?

Would you tell me we should be apart,

and never speak again?

Or would you say this love is not through,

It was always so strong from the start?


If I told you I wanted this,

Would you agree?

Would you hug me so tight,

I was stuck in your arms?

Or would you say there must be,

A mistake, for our loves just a battle, a fight.


When you say love is great,

Do you remember the lies?

The lies you have spun,

And my heart you had won,

That now spin us round,

And reveals.



The End

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