If I Saw You Today

if i saw you today,

you wouldn't know who i was-

you wouldnt recognize this mess that ive become.

you wouldnt recognize the scarred skin,

or the mostly vacant eyes-

you wouldnt know my voice anymore.

you wouldnt know this girl i am now-

the one who is afraid to dance because she's afraid to fly,

im now the girl who doesnt trust anyone,

because most of the things she's hears are lies.

you wouldnt know me because hell has ransacked my sanctuary,

while you were dancing,laughing with angels up above.

youve been gone so long now,

your memory os starting to get a little fuzzy,

and i cant picture you clearly,

if you saw me today-

you wouldnt even know me.

and that hurts-

it hurts that you arent here anymore.

The End

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