If I Never Knew You

I started thinking one day: "How would my life be without my boyfriend?" so pouring out my thoughts and raw heart I had made this poem in no time!

If I never knew you, I would be on the wrong path

If I never knew you, I would have never had a feeling like this

If I never knew you, I would continue thinking I would have no connection with another

We are surrounded by their whispers of hatred all day

But whispers can’t compare to the drumming of my heart

I would have never been with you, if I never knew you

You compliment me when I start to feel average

You make a move or two but it’s when your dad walks in

You make me laugh, just to hear me

I would have no voice, if I never knew you

Trapped inside my dismal mind

Alone drowning in feelings that I never had before

If I never knew you


Blissful and gay, I never want this sensation to fade away

Your hugs are always open just to hold me

Your lips are there just to kiss me out of love

You’re available just to wait for me

I can’t help but laugh when you make me smile, to know this has never happened before

I would die if this never happened because I never knew you

The End

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