If I die young

If I die young
Dont let me be forgotten
Don't let my purpose be lost
To serve the one who sent me
Who died on the cross
If I die young
Let me be covered by his grace
Let me have finished the race
He planned for me
Before I became so worldly
If i die young
Let it be known
That I died for a purpose
A reason
A savior
If I die young
Let me be
A testimony
To his grace unending
And his love unfailing
So that others may see
That there is more to me than
Meets the eye
That I was worth more to him
Than anything you could ever buy
And that every person
Has a purpose
If I die young
Don't remember me
But the one who forgives all
Who sent me
To this spinning ball
To sho his love to the masses
If I die young know that I have gone

The End

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