If I Could Hate...

The incredible shaking wrath possible if someone hated someone they cared about that truly hurt them.

Oh, If I could hate,

If I could loathe, abhor, detest.

If I could spit at you, and glare into your eyes,

My heart would be cold towards your very existence.


If I hated you,

The very skies would shake.

And the earth beneath me, would quake,

And I would stab, stab, stab with every breath I take.


If I could loathe you,

The atmosphere would turn black.

Every second you walked would be misery,

And those familiar webs of secrets would crumble.


If my hands were shaking with wrath,

My own hatred would bring on the freezing rain.

And this feeling of fury would never, ever wain,

Oh what joy it would be to hate you, and to stop this pain.


If I could hate you,

My heart would crack with bitterness.

My body would become used and broken,

I would be the empty shell of my own, former self.


But I can’t hate,

Coz you made me love you.

And although the pain is true,

The sheer hatred I’d feel, would be intensified times two.

The End

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