If I Could Go Back in Time


If I could go back in time I would see what I was like when I was little,

I'd still be climbing ten hours a week,

Christmas would've been merrier,

Nail glue would've never been anywhere near my eyelashes,

And my uneven, choppy hair cuts would only be replaced with sleek, and perfectly layered ones.


I wouldn't have wasted any of my time hating, or regretting,

My time would be spent with the people I love, or will love,

I'd try to make more friends, and less enemies,

And, I would've talked to the people who mattered, more, and the people who didn't, less.


I would've taken more pictures,

My plans would never have been cancelled,

When I was nervous I wouldn't have resorted to biting my nails until they hurt,

Instead of being worried about what to say, I would've been straightforward,

And I would've surprised people by doing what I wanted, not what was expected. 


My cousin and I would've been closer than ever,

I would've tried harder,

My fearfulness would be replaced with courage,

I wouldn't have let my mistakes go unnoticed,

And I wouldn't waste time regretting my mistakes, because all I can do is learn from them. 

The End

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