If I..

If I asked you to hold me, what would you say?

Would you wrap you’re arms around me,

Or would you turn away.

Would you hold onto me forever,

Or only for tonight,

Guide me through the darkness so I can see the light.


If I wanted you to kiss me, which way would you go?

Would a quick and gentle peck suffice,

Or would you take it nice and slow,

Brush your lips over mine so softly,

Tease the inside of my mouth with you’re tongue,

With one hand on my face and one in my hair,

You look into my eyes and I come undone.


If I needed you to touch me, which way would you lead?

With a caress that quickens my heartbeat,

So I can barely breath,

Would you run your hands along my spine,

Gentle but also needing,

Up, down and over my hips,

To place your hands in mine/ as you’re eyes gaze into mine.


If I was desperate for you to love me,

With all you’re heart and soul,

Would you give into my desires,

And strive to make me whole,

Would you whisk away my doubts and fears,

And find a way to make it right,

Would you help me wipe away the tears,

And show me that its worth the fight.


The End

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