If Feminism is About Equality

They say tears are meant to be therapeutic
But he knows more than anyone else
That vulnerability is the devil
And this culture is his hell
Where he's committed under a curse he didn't even know exists
But until the moment he woke up inside her, ignorance was bliss

He was 20 when she was 18
He knew nothing but her name
Had no interest in knowing anymore
And he definitely didn't consider himself lucky or that he had game
He became ashamed that his manhood betrayed him
Standing on it's own, he had no control so it had to be his fault
His pain was hushed by "masculinity"
His anguish was silenced by her femininity
Because it was her word against his
Women are so meticulously painted as victims again and again and again
But if feminism is about equality, why do we ignore the plight of our men?

He didn't know how to describe what had happened
But he eventually called a spade a spade
Because whether he chose to accept it or not the reality is
Women are capable of rape
And although we don't have the physical advantage
We have the psychological prowess that they don't
Our words can be venomous and course through the male psyche leaving him paralyzed
Because the only reports we hear do not involve the male being victimized
He knows that you can literally destroy the rest of his life if he so much as utters a word
Leaving countless men who think they're alone carrying the burden of being unheard

The End

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