If By Chance

If, by chance, I lose it all,

And gain, by chance, a whole new life,

I can lie down with my self that evening,

And I can still clench my fists.

If the world turns faster, suddenly

And I fall from my eight foot rock,

I can lie in the hot red sand,

And I can still touch my lips.

If those friends I knew so well, one day become enemies,

And if that day I finally discover unhappiness,

Still I can lie down,

And I can still stretch my legs.

If the earth opened up beneath me,

And swallowed me,

I can lie down in solitude,

And still tap my knees to the music in my head.

If I lost the lights,

Or the scents or the flavours,

I could still lie down, 

And feel my heart throbbing and my veins pulsing

And sleep, safe, in the hands of my self.

The End

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