If Atlas Fell In Love

and we

with our humble tattered wings
that even the devil
cannot envy

they name her calamity
and she tempts atlas away from his post

so he moves, 
a slight shifting in the carrying of his weight,
and dust and debris fall down
upon unsuspecting heads

but he is too enamoured
with this girl of calamity
to see the damage her unwitting courtship has caused

for she laughs at the pain of others,
revels in the chaos,"
gets off on the sorrow of the pathetic humans

they scream,
and she lets out a giggle
to mask their enduring suffering

and atlas never noticed
as the sky slowly lowered towards the people

and brave, brave atlas
who held our world up, who kept the stars from collapsing
who fought back galaxies searching for our oxygen

well, he fell in love with calamity

and destroyed the world for her

The End

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