If An Elephant Knocked On Your Door

a poem for kids

If an elephant knocked on your door,

Would you scream? Would you run?

Would you invite it in for some fun?

Show it your racing car collection?

Or introduce it to your Dollhouse?

You could show it your Hamster,

But don’t show him your mouse!!



If a Narwhal was in your bathtub,

Would you shampoo its tail?

Would you tell it that it looks like a whale?

Would you let it play;

With your favourite rubber duck?

Would you clean its horn?

Make it free of muck?

Would you use your dad’s shaving foam and give it a foamy beard?

I would.



If a koala was in your kitchen,

Sat at the table with a knife and fork,

Would you cook it up a Sunday dinner?

Would it be chicken, beef or pork?

Would there be jelly and ice cream for afters?

With a big dollop of strawberry sauce?

Why yes,

Of course.



If a Panda was in your garden,

Munching on a tree.

Would you chase it with a broomstick?

Or make it a cup of tea?

Would you stroke its soft fur?

Or give it a panda makeover?

With eye-shadow and lipstick?

Just like you did to Rover?

The End

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