If every scar could bring forth a smile
And every bruise could be compiled
To make a plea, grant a wish
Then, wouldn’t this life somebody miss?

If every stab and every thrust
Could be used to sate the lust
Of every lecher and power mad man that strolls
The cold streets we roam, unpatrolled

Then wouldn’t every light and every spark
Shine high and bright, eradicate the dark;
And wouldn’t every grin be free of pain,
Wouldn’t every face laugh freely again?

 If every touch of leather and chain
And every scratch and cut and maim
Be turned to fight and turned to valor
Wouldn’t it end all that is squalor?

If for every glacial glare
There was but one a loving stare
And for every piece of ice that is thrown
A golden seed of hope is sown

Then wouldn’t every day be something blessed
For finally reality and fantasy would mesh
And when a dream is as good awake as it is asleep,
Why then would this life somebody want to leave?

The End

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