idk...i need advice

yea juss had to get a little sumthing off my heart

i feel warmer n his arms more than tht of my own

eyes so deep connection causes mine to water

mind to wander

advice needed...ok so theres this guy...i really like him but hes like.......lives n another state....hes my dream wen im awake hes like my star n a summer i dnt kno wat to do....ok to start from the beginning....i stayed with my aunt for a while and i met this guy who shall remain nameless...(we r EXACTLY alike its funny) at first i had my eye on 6 guys..he was one of them but he wasnt supposed to b the main one...(he had his eye on other girls too)....he would flirt with me an im like okay yu cn go now so-n-sos here then he grew on me an it was like...okay..yu kno how ppl draw little circles around the ppl they like in year books....well i drew tose circles...he erased put a heart around i (sumhow) did the same thing to its about time for me to go back home and im not ready...i dnt wanna leave him....should i move here and leave my back home life back home or go home an hope i still hold his heart through the distance...


The End

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