I'd Like to...

sitting in a small room thinking about what I'd like to do. feeling low and letting it go lol

I'd like to be gazing up at a patterned sky

littered with leaves of green

your red limbs reaching high

the sun in rays to be seen. 

I'd like to be running free

alone but never lonely

my curls flying in the breeze

and never worried of being homely.

this big world can swallow you up

and make you feel so small

and its hard to keep your chin up

when your used to feeling tall.

I'd like to dance until I fall

to swirl and flail like the wind

to rumble around and have a ball

but my arms are bound, not to begin.

so many questions in this life 

so many forces to hold you back

the fingers pointing out your strife 

and the qualities you lack.

well I'm trying to pick myself up 

from under this lead weight

and its proving to be tough

but I know not too great 

The End

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