I just thought of it at 3AM ~ I couldn't sleep because I HAD to think of something >.> But... yeah...this...still not quite complete, eh, the beauty of editing ~

I'm different not broken
They say I need to be fixed
But I know exactly who I am...
Their lies I'll have none of it (orig: I'm having none of it)
They push what an image for the
Shell of a "self" can be
Repeating it ever so often so
There's no choice but to follow subconsciously
To have an image than to be an authentic self
To give an illusion of choice and an alternate
Is quite the hellish trap I refuse to fall in it...
It's not to say that creating an image for myself
Isn't also not falling into that trap of an 
Allusive, illusive shell of a self. (can't decide which ~most likely both)
So does that mean your destiny is pre
It is pre determined by who you ARE
Not the choices, or of what you do.
What you do are still a part of YOU.
People are so preoccupied with
Situations that happen to them
Conspicuously leaving out the SELF
As an agent not just a passive receiver.

The End

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