Icy Aftermath

Snow falls through the trees,

Building snow drifts on the path,

And even time can seem to freeze,

In this Icy Aftermath,

How I love this Icy wind,

That stabs so deep into my skin,

Steady hours began to soothe,

Yet still I could not even move,

The world is white,

Amidst the dark,

It drains the fight,

Straight from my heart,

Yet dressed in dark,

You stand apart,

My tears are frozen,

Across my jaw,

In such true beauty,

I'm just a flaw,

But now the day lives,

And makes it warm,

Snow in treetops,

Changes form,

You were never truly there,

This pain is almost too much to bear,

My tears melt,

And fall with the rain,

And all thats left,

Is a lost loves pain.

The End

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