The familiar soft chink as you rest it down
And notice the blank space, and there, form a frown
Did you honestly think - no. 
Don't think it, don't say,
Like your tears' angst upholding,
But inside it rains

And you can't hide from the rain.

Gnarled heart behind smiles, even those remorseless
Those 'real' dreams of laughter, where love holds the rest
Or at least, something tangible, at least something.. True.
No - a forced friendship, but they all adore you.

Oh behind those sweet words: desecration; you mar
And you cry, and you bleed, and there is no 'too far'.
There is no forgetting, there is no refrain
All there is is perfection.
Oh, I can't love again.
No - I mean you, I am all the silence there is.
I am the witness, and I was the sweet kiss
Though no romance, I care not, but for one single soul
I thought - but I know not, and I've need not to be 'whole'.

But I am the violence, and I am her pain
But I'm ill, right? Not the cause of the rain.
No words you can speak can correct what you've done
And in her dark silence she knows now, that you are Hell's sun.

But it's not your fault; smile and take off her ring
Of charm and her madness, behold, the kind
It's not your fault, yet, stop, they whisper still
It's not your fault,

But two you shall kill.

The End

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