Ich Liebe Dich

A Thank you/Valentine's Day Poem

If I were to fly to the heart of the sun, and collect every sunbeam, leaving the earth cold and without luminosity, it would still not be enough to light my life and warm my heart the way you do. 

If I were to collect the stars one by one until the universe was void of its traffic lights, it would still not be enough to give my soul the glow I receive from you. 

If I could bottle the radiance of your smile, still this would not match the pure bliss that radiates from my eyes when I’m near you, but take my word for it when I say it’d come pretty damn close.

Take my word for a lot of things, like I’d do anything for you. I’d scale Pluto’s mountain, and sail every Sea. I’d give up everything, to see you smile, and laugh and hold you until I’d cave in from old bones and a tired mind, but believe me when I say a tired mind would never forget that I love you.

I would sift through every grain of sand in every desert to find the one that sparkled for you the most, and I would scour every snow-bank in Antarctica, until I found a snowflake that would float softly enough to match the way you say I love you, to hold close with me until I saw you again. 

No matter where you’ll be, in a week, a year an eternity, your hand holds will warm my extremities until the day they drop off. Your hugs will keep my heart safe until the day it stops beating and your kisses, will bless my lips until they turn blue and cold.

Take my word for it when I say that your laughter lifts me up so high I really could collect the stars and every single sunbeam, but who needs that when your tickles are enough to rocket me to another dimension. 

Take my word for it when I say, those little curls around your face are the most beautiful ringlets a girl has ever seen. That your eyes are enough to take my breath away and send it on a trip around the world, only to return back to me, and escape yet again but this time in the most content sigh, my body will ever know. 

Take my word for it that I will love your nose almost as unconditionally as I love you, because it’s just so spectacular.

And please, take my word for it when I say that you are the single most amazing thing I have ever come across, you picked me up when I was lost and for this I say thank you and for this, mein schatz I love you.

The End

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