Ice Cold Rejection

Must I prove myself to you?
Are you sure it is necessary?
Oh, well, forgive me, I am sorry.
For a moment I forgot it was the truth you wanted.

You left me unprotected,
Feeling unbearable pain and rejection.
Do me a favor, now close your eye's
And think back to when I was five.

Can you see my long blonde curls.
Tracing footsteps on a different world.
You shut your eye's and blocked your ears,
So you could pretend that you didn't hear.

I tried to explain to the person
I most trusted.
Now, I sit in a corner,
My heart black and rusted.

You really could have warned me.
Stopped all pain and hurt you caused me.
Because my soul it burns as dim as ice candles.
The impact I know I cannot handle.

So you may sit by the fire
And smile with glee.
But the warmth will never forgive
The ice cold rejection you handed me.

The End

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