You are like ice,

Sharp, yet still soft enough to break apart.


You’re not a hurricane, but a tornado,

Destroying everything,

You’re here then you’re gone,

Leaving only a jagged path.


Your nothing like a white out,

Having the audacity to be a blizzard

Making everyone miserable.


You tell me about skies ,

That make you remember what the color blue really looks like,

About winds so soft,

They tell you wishes from your ancestor’s,

Rains so devastating,

That they make you wonder how all the green survived.


Above all you tell me about the sea,

No the ocean,

A revolving,

Ever moving



It is forever growing, no matter how many times it is trapped by the shore line.


You sit in awe,

When you describe how every day

It blows you a kiss

Billows you a goodbye

And like a loved one is always happy to see you.


However, you say,

It can kill,

Deep in its skin terrible creatures hunt and trap prey,

Though its surface is as flat as the moon and as soft as a stone,

It can capsize men into its mouth with an insane hunger,

Leaving not even a water mark in its wake.


You remind me of it

That great beast the surrounds us all

I am constantly in awe of the vastness of our lands

By the water that surrounds us like earths heartbeat,

It knows, you know,

All the terrible,

 Ways to hurt me

The End

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