Icarus and I

I'm really a sucker for love. So it's about love. Night is used quite a lot to represent the time of lovers and the sun is all about ending it. It's about Icarus flying to escape the prison on wings and the poet persona flying on his love for a girl not quite mentioned in the poem. It also shows the similarity between the effects freedom and love. Oh,It's a sonnet.

I flew with Icarus through velvet skies
He on waxen wings and I on my love
We left clouds below to the stars above
We flew high, he for freedom, I for kind
The higher we flew, 'twas the more we sighed
With relief, joy. Our ears pounding with blood
O blessed bliss, overflowed like a mighty flood
So close to heavens where stars filled our eyes
Now, the yawning sun peeks through the blanket
The deep dark blanket of mine amouréd dusk
O wherefore is it that it unsleeps so
So soon, its rays pierce our wings!-- a lancet
Our wings come undone, my heart chills like frost
We're falling, screaming, to death down below.

The End

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