I Won't Give Up

Just thinking, that I still haven't given up- even months after I've faded from his memory.

I won't give up on you.
no matter the things you do,
I will be here,always, to guide you
whenever you get lost, suffer deep in your heart,
or can't stand being alone another moment,
come,rest, stay awhile in my waiting arms.

I won't give up on you-
whatever the horrors you've seen,
the things that make you scream in your sleep-
your secrets will be safe with me, forever,
or just as long as you need them to be.
Just know, I've also seen terrible, terrible things.

i won't give in,
as long as you don't stand down either-
I will stay, follow, go wherever it is you lead me to,
all because i won't give up
on the beautiful tragedy of me and you.

I won't give up,
even when you beg me, to, please just do-
I won't forget,
even when you are gone,
even when you are beyond my ability to reach-

I won't give up on you,
even when you've given up on me.

The End

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