I Won't

I will not write more words for you

I will not try to explain

I will no longer waste my voice

Yelling until I am driven insane

I will not feel guilty for things I have done

And anyway, I cannot change them now

I will not think of what has happened

With sweat forming upon my brow

I will not argue over nothing with you

I do not have the fight

I suppose you can be angry at anything you want

But I am far too exhausted for spite

I will not feel sad for the way it turned out

Because while it was me, it was also you

I will not sit and cry and complain

To this day, I will not rue

Any of my own actions upon

This subject before my eyes

And while at the moment, I am not overly fond

I have run out of the energy to despise

I am tired of all of the thinking

Wondering who will say what and when

I'm tired of playing middle school games

Like, "I thought you were my friend."

Please don't mistake these words for anything

Other than what is written on this page

This is the truth, as raw as I can write it

From this body that is more of a cage

I am not sure if I will be able to forgive

And I will never be able to forget

But I can assure you that the last thing on my mind

Is the torture of the word, "regret"

The End

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