I Wonder

Trying to rake a whole display of emotions into a few lines!

I wonder what your doing when I awake,

I wonder what your doing half way through my day,

I wonder where you are when I'm sleeping,

I wonder do you think of me when I'm sat here with my heart bleeding.

You confirm I'm not the only obsessed one.

But how obsessed is obsessive?

I wish I was that little bit closer,

Close enough to be the girl to pass you a pencil in class,

The niece who lay next to you as you skype your girlfriend,

Or that waitress who served up your food.

It kills me not to see you.

I know you anticipate what is to come,

I hope you never give up on your Blonde One.

Darling I will come a running when I'm flashed green.

But for now good night

          whilst for you its just half past three.

I wonder if,

Right now,

You will think of me..


The End

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