I Wished You The Most

How a one-sided love is? There is always affection from some one side but the other one doesn't acknowledges their feelings and ignores them. At last, there is just no affection left inside that soul towards other......but the yearning to belonging to her never degrades....it just gets itself hidden somewhere deep in the heart....and here also it is depicted....

When you thought I ignored you,

I cared about you the most.

When you thought I hated you,

I loved you among the most.


When you felt loneliness around,

I struck around you the most. 

When you felt happiness around,

I enjoyed it the most.


When you talked to me for the first time,

I pounced around the most. 

When you tried ignoring me,

I circled around you the most.


When you talked with someone else,

I felt jealousy the most. 

When you looked at someone else,

I controlled myself the most.


When you showered that anger on me,

I calmed myself the most. 

Till the last I tried and wished,

We both together the most.

The End

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