I Wish I Wasn't Here

Just read it....youll understand...most likely

These tears fall down my cheek-

I'm disappointed.

You've hurt me.

And, you're not here,

like you always said you'd be.

I wonder what she says that keeps you so amused,

I wonder why you laugh at me, kicking me when I'm through.

I'm tired of being hurt,

everytime I turn around.

I'm tired of your lies.

I can already hear

the sound of your voice, as an apology burst through,

'Cause you now it'll be okay 'cause you know that I'm abused.

"I love you." is what I hear,

and miles and miles of tears

fall down my face...

Can't you see all the hurt you leave behind?

You're supposed to be my friend,

but do you just pretend?

I wish I never came,

Because to you, I guess, my pain is just a game.

You see my smile and talk behind my back, but you dont see the tears

and you don't here the thoughts: I wish I wasn't here.

The End

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