Love is...

I understand what love is now

Before meeting you

I always wondered how

How someone can live only for one person

And what is the reason for this obsession

But my life has seen this change

Love is no longer an unknown domain


Love is when I am with you

Beyond reasons, conditions and beyond “I do”

Love is when I feel happy cause you are

Love is me missing you when you go far


Love is your open arms waiting for me

When I return from a long journey

Love is the look in your eyes

It is my need to be better cause you are so nice


Love is when you take my side

Even though you might loose the fight

And times when I know I have been stupid

But you say “its ok, its fun to be a kid”


The peace with which I sleep at night

The friendship that makes my days bright

The sacrifice of an extra drink when we are out

To drive me home safe, without any doubt


The freedom, to be what I want to

The motivation and support in everything I do

The extra push that I need when times not good

The different ways you try to change my mood


The small things you do everyday

 And make me feel special in your own way


And I know for both of us

It’s not with efforts or any fuss

These things we do for each other

Are the things we do cause we want, we care

For me this is what love is

This bond sealed with our kiss.

The End

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