I wish I never knew this man

I once knew a man, so boring

And during sleep he would be snoring

He wasn't great even when awake

Life with him was a mistake


I am talking about my friend's ex

And wonder what made her say yes

Cause every time I saw him

He was mean, rude and bullying


So I asked my friend once

Why waste her patience

Is it that, she has no confidence?

Or it’s a case of limited sense

That such a simple thing she couldn’t see

This guy was all about “Me, Me and Me”


My friend; let me tell you about her

She was my mom’s best friend’s daughter

I knew her since we both were child

Had crushes together and shared being wild


She was smart, beautiful and wise

What made her think otherwise?

That she was putting up with this crap

She deserved better than this chap


She told me, it’s easy to give up and cry

But she wants to fight and wants to try

Maybe her love will win him over

And one day, he will be like he was earlier

Someone who loved her so much

Love was in every word and every touch


But last month I heard the news

She died of drug abuse…

It had been a while since we spoke

But I keep wondering, what killed her hope

Cause I never saw someone so strong

Then what could have gone so wrong?


I wish I never knew this man….

I wish love remained forever and not till it can…

I wish, she never knew this man…

I wish love remained forever and not till it can…





The End

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