I wish I knew.

Basically something I'm pulling out of my head right now, just to get it out.

Here we are. Two teenagers, just hanging out, having a good time. Little do we know what is in store for us.

A mere friendship turns into something more. Innocent flirting turns into secret love for one another. Do we tell each other?

We daren't tell a soul.

Summer comes around, and we both travel. It is weeks before we finally speak again.

Finally, we reunite.

Everyone knows it. It's so obvious. The feelings are mutual, but neither of us can see. Blinded by love, though we think of it as a simple crush. Is it really that simple?

"I'll get over you." we think, though we still have doubts. Summer soon turns to fall and everything starts to change. Our schedules are tight. We meet new people. Suddenly we don't see as much of each other as we'd like.

Our personalities are changing. We're slowly drifting apart, but there's always one strand holding us together. You start seeing other people. I take my mind off of loneliness by joining countless clubs and drowning myself in my music. Times are tough.

We finally make time to go to a football game together. Everything is going fantastic. We're with friends, having a great time. Our school team is winning. We decide to sit for a few moments,  our throats and heads sore from cheering.

In that moment, when we looked into each other's eyes, I could have sworn we would end up together forever. In that moment, I felt like I could have kissed you with all the passion I had - if I had the guts. By not doing so, I felt like I had lost my chance of being with you.

Weeks go by, and I finally start realizing the depth of my feelings for you, my worst nightmare occurs. She comes back. Yes, her. The one we both know you've loved for years. So many thoughts go through my head.

And you choose now to confess. You choose now to tell me how you've felt since the night we were brought together.

I finally start to realize, "Maybe I love him." And my heart suddenly begins to break. The second heartbreak doesn't seem so bad, but when you finally thought you've found the one you could end up being with forever, and they end up in love with your best friend, it's like a dagger to the soul.

So, maybe I do love you. Now, what am I to do? I wish I knew the answer to that.

The End

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