I Wish I Could Grow Wings

Don't we all?

I wish I could grow wings

And fly up to where the heaven sings.

Forever bounded by nature’s laws,

But never by that of humanity.

I want to fly up high and see

The blue jewel as it should be,

But I am already fully aware

That the world is wrecked beyond repair.


My freedom will only earn me more pain,

As high up in the sky, I see the world wane.

Humans are undeniably selfish,

Forever thinking about their own death wish.

Only now do they comprehend

The suffering they had caused to the land.

They say: seeing is believing,

But I do not want to believe what I am seeing.


What good is it being up high alone,

When the world below me turns to bone?

Happiness—I know I will have none,

If all I can do is stare at the sun.

So when the wings on my back swishes,

I would like to make a couple of wishes:

I not only wish my wings will lift me high above the sea,

I also wish my wings will lift humanity’s eternal misery.

The End

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